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Building Leeds
 The A58(M) / A64(M) Leeds Inner Ring Road    

Part 1: Life before the Inner Ring Road







The Headrow/Briggate Junction 1930`s

Year: 1950. Grinding to a Halt      

By the 1950`s, Leeds had transformed itself from a northern textile town to an industrial powerhouse. The motorcar was increasing in popularity and Leeds found itself struggling to cope with the amount of traffic on its roads.

Before the inner ring road, the city was basically a cross roads. It had a North - South road, Briggate. And an East - West Road, The Headrow. Over the previous 100 years Leeds had developed its main commercial and retail area around this cross roads.

Leeds position on the map meant that it was also a thoroughfare for traffic travelling between the cities of  Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford and Hull. The bulk of that traffic ended up travelling down the Headrow. Leeds was slowly grinding to a halt.

Planners in Leeds were faced with one question. How to get traffic through the city avoiding the city centre?

☼  By 1953 Over 40% of  traffic at the Briggate/Headrow junction was "through traffic" i.e. Passing through the city.

Construction of the Leeds Inner Ring Road

 Section 2: The Solution



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